Life in the Right Lane

Maybe you’re one of the families hosting a party for one of your grads during this season.  Or no doubt you’ve been to a couple of parties already or will do so.  It’s a wonderful thing to celebrate, isn’t it… graduations?


We seem to value these rites of passage more than we realize.  Why there are graduations taking place that were never around when I was growing up.  Now there’s kindergarten graduation and fifth grade graduation.  Even the move from the our town’s middle school (8th) to the high school (9th) is a pretty big deal.


Like I said, they are wonderful things to celebrate.  We want to be successful—and we want our kids to succeed. 


Maybe an equally important consideration is what do we want them to succeed at?  Or, what do we mean by successful?


My message this weekend at my home church, “Life in the Right Lane” is an attempt to address these questions—and let me say that while it’s a helpful topic for graduates—it’s something we all need to hear.


That’s because for the world we live in, success is about life in the fast lane.  It’s about getting ahead and attaining more.  And the stressful reality of this objective is that there’s always someone farther ahead or someone who has more.  And so we have to drive faster to pass.


And I’m not saying that we shouldn’t work hard or study hard or even that getting promotions and having things is wrong.  It just shouldn’t be what drives us.


Life in the right lane is different.  It’s different because there’s a different motivation.  Instead of doing what I want to do and getting what I want to get—my life is driven by what God wants for me.  It’s committing my life to God and his purposes—with attention to alignment with how he’s created me, you know, your gifts, and talents, and interests, and abilities.


And what’s really wonderful about life in the right lane is that it will ultimately take you to the right destination.  You don’t have to worry about passing people all the time and you’re already where you need to be when it comes time to exit.


And we’re all going to get off life’s exit someday. 


It’s the final graduation party, if you will.  And God wants the turns we take and stops we make in this life to be successful—according to his definition of success.


So why not stay in the right lane.  Slow down the pace and save some gas.  Enjoy the journey and don’t always be so consumed with the destination.  It’s a better way to drive—and it’s a better way to live.


And best of all, if you’re not in the right one, it’s not too late to change lanes…


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