Make A Move

Well the stitches on my arm from last week are out—just in time for moving… yes, my family is moving this weekend—not away, just to another house here in our community.  With my injury I thought I might get out of the heavy lifting—but alas, my son with the broken collar bone is our family’s only exemption.


I’m not a big fan of moving day.  You know, all the pre-packing into boxes, calling utility companies, labeling everything, and most of all loading and unloading heavy stuff.  Like the one Seinfeld episode suggests—you really assume something about relationships when you ask someone to help you move.


But I’ve also grown to appreciate moving as well.  There’s a lot of opportunity that comes with a move—and generally speaking, there’s some good things that can happen to our faith too.


I’ve experienced a few big moves in my life.


The first was my college days when I lived about two hours away from home.  Close enough to get home if I needed to—but far enough to not make it a habit. 


Then my wife and I were married and we moved from our parents’ homes to our first apartment.  Simple days and meager.  A great context for faith-building.


After two years of marriage we moved to Chicago so I could attend seminary.  We both resigned our teaching positions and packed up everything we owned in the smallest U-Haul trailer you can rent and started to drive.  About Toledo, Ohio I turned to her and said, “What the heck are we doing?”


Three and a half years later we returned to our home town as I began ministry as a youth pastor.  And the children were being born.  It was good to be near family in those early days of parenting.  Our family grew from two to six.  Faith required.


And then came 1995.  The years we packed everything up again and headed for DuBois, Pennsylvania.  The U-Haul was considerably bigger this time around—and Tri-County Church was born.  A new job.  A new house.  A new community.  And we didn’t know a soul. 


Each move seemed a little more daunting.  Each transition produced a little more anxiety.  Each leaving and arriving demanded a little more faith.


But then when it comes to faith—there’s no proving unless there’s moving.


That’s what happened when God called Abraham in Genesis chapter 12.  God said, “Abraham go.”  Abraham asked, “Where are we going?”  God said, “I’ll tell you when we get there.”  And Abraham went.


And Abraham went.  It’s so simple.  So responsive.  So obedient.  But you know full well he was scared.  But Abraham went.


The rest is history, as they say.  God provided everything along the way and when they got there.  Just like he has in my life.  Just like he’ll do in yours.  Not without challenges—but not without hope.  Moving can be a good thing.


But honestly, I do hope this is the last time I have to move…




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