Happy Mother’s Day

If this applies to you, the reader, then let me be the first to wish you a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.  I know it’s two days away, but I just wanted you to know you deserve more applause.


And if you’re not a mom—you have or had a mom—and maybe it would be a good thing to take some time and inventory the blessings and lessons they taught you.


I was pondering that very thing this week and here’s what I came up with.  Some of these are concepts and some are actual quotes  from my mother.  I’ve written the quotes in italics


1. Love follows a path from the kitchen to the dining room.

MY MOTHER WAS A CAREGIVER and she always made sure we enjoyed a good meal.  She was and is an awesome cook and this was back in the day when families sat down together for dinner.


2. A full house beats a clean house every time.

MY MOTHER WAS A GREAT HOSTESS and all the kids in our neighborhood congregated at our house for everything.  That’s a lot of water breaks to thirsty, dirty, sweaty kids.


3. Learn to laugh often—especially at yourself.

MY MOTHER WAS SECURE and took the brunt of a lot of good-natured teasing—especially from me—I have a knack for it.  I loved the fact that she always laughed with us.  She still does.


4. Never be too busy to talk over coffee.

MY MOTHER WAS COMPASSIONATE and more nights than not, when I’d arrive home after school, she’d be sitting at the dining room table beside a woman with swollen, teary eyes with a box of tissues and a cup of coffee.  It’s amazing the kind of hope you find in a listening ear that doesn’t judge.


5. There’s nothing you’re struggling with that God can’t handle.

MY MOTHER HAD FAITH that you could taste.  It was never a secret where her real power and peace came from.


6. “You may as well talk to me because I know there’s something wrong.”

MY MOTHER WAS DISCERNING and I could never hide my feelings from her.  I’d try to brush it off and say I was fine, but mothers read hearts like a dog smells meat.  Okay, so that wasn’t a flowery way of expressing it, but it’s true.


7. She loved her husband first.

MY MOTHER WAS FAITHFUL and of course I mean after Jesus.  But was obvious to all of us children that when it came to human beings, she had surrendered her heart to my Dad.


8. “I love you all the same—and that’s with all my heart.”

MY MOTHER WAS IMPARTIAL because every time one of us five kids would ask her who she loved the most, this would be her constant and determined answer.


9. “All discouragement is from the devil.”

MY MOTHER WAS INSIGHTFUL and she was without a doubt my greatest spiritual tutor as a child.  I’m still learning from her.


10. “You need to set the example.”

MY MOTHER WAS AUTHENTIC and when she would tell me as the firstborn child that I needed to set the example, I realized that she was speaking from experience.


11. “I thought you didn’t like hamburg gravy.”

MY MOTHER WAS RESOURCEFUL especially when it came to mealtime.  When the cupboard was getting bare she’d always resort to hamburg gravy and mashed potatoes.  I remember always complaining when she said that’s what we were having—and I also remember finishing every last bite!


12. Others.

MY MOTHER WAS SELFLESS and to describe the essence of her life would simply be to say: “OTHERS”.


All you have to do is add an “M” to OTHERS and what do you get?


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